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PhD Projects

Ongoing PhD projects

  • Rasmus Skovhus Lunding. (ongoing with Tiare Feuchtner) Human Robot Collaboration in AR.
  • Chiwoong Hwang. (ongoing with Tiare Feuchtner) Haptics for XR interaction.
  • Mathias Nørhede Lystbæk. (ongoing with Hans Gelleresen) Augmented Reality and Eye Tracking.

Completed (Total of 30 PhD students)

Master's projects (Total of 78 students)


  • Stephen Lai. Augmented Reality Order Picking Optimization: Evaluating the Efficiency of AR Visual Cues in Order Picking Optimization. (co-supervision with Troels A. Rasmussen)


  • Joao Marcelo Evangelista Belo. User Interfaces and Interaction for Mixed Reality.


  • Christoffer Schmidt and Jonas le Fevre Sejersen. Quack Drone - An Investigation of Possible Automatization on Affordable Commodity Hardware.
  • Anders Høy Seemann Vestergaard and Kristian Lissner Ebdrup. 3PFP: Tracking Pipeline for Assembly Tasks using Point Pair Features in Range Data.


  • Peter Hallum, Anders Syrach Lykkegaard, and Mark Flarup-Jensen. Exploring the Potential of Data Physicalization of Group Heart Rate Data to Foster Social Interaction. (co-supervision with Jo Vermeulen)
  • Sille Agerbæk Sørensen and Bo Nymann Penstoft. Assessing the Design Space and Potential of Floor Markings. (supervision with Jo Vermeulen)


  • Lars Hedelund Gravgaard and Morten René Dalsgaard. Developing A Context-Aware Skiing Analysis Application. (supervision with Henrik Blunck)
  • Jacob Albæk Schnedler and Josephine Raun Thomsen. Designing Interactive Interiors For Value-Driven Healthcare Informed By Socio-Spatial Concerns. (co-supervision with Peter Gall Krogh)


  • Rune Drole Pedersen. Exploring a Feedback and Control-Based Approach to User Trust in Mobile Context Aware Applications (supervision with Henrik Blunck)
  • Søren Krogh Sørensen and Andreas Mathisen. The Effect of Indoor Positioning Performance on Human Activity Recognition. Awarded CS Master Thesis of the year by Dansk Datalogisk Selskab. (co-supervision with Henrik Blunck)


  • Mads Kleemann og André Schmidt. Tactile Guidance in Extreme Sports: Exploring the Design Space Through Kiteboarding. Masters Thesis 2015. Aarhus University. (co-supervision with Tim Merritt)
  • Kennet Bastrup Jeppesen og Stephan Sloth Kristiansen. Designing Wearable ICT to Assist People with Social Anxiety Disorder. Masters Thesis 2015. Aarhus University.


  • Tom Quast og Troels Rasmussen. Wearable Support for News Consumption: Research Through Design of the GlassNews App. Masters Thesis 2014. Aarhus University (co-supervision with Tim Merritt)
  • Thomas Holst. ShareBuddy: A casual game for encouraging changes in electricity and water usage. Masters Thesis 2014. Aarhus University (co-supervision with Robert Brewer)
  • Jacob Toft Pedersen. Improving Photon Mapping with Multidimensional Caching and Clustered Measurement Points
  • Mads Møller Jensen. Interactive Sports-Training Systems - Interaction Techniques and Sensing Technologies
  • Allan Stisen. Designing Context-Aware Task Management Accounting for Situated Actions
  • Markus Rasmus Gustav Wüstenberg. Developing Methods for Transportation Mode Detection using Real-World Mobile Sensing


  • Mark Krummelbein og Isak Nuur. The Myth of Natural Use Interface: How Contextual Understanding and Existing Knowledge Lead Towards Natural Interaction. Masters Thesis 2013. Aarhus University.
  • Matthias Nielsen. Developing Multi Touch Interactive Visualizations to Explore Big Data. Masters Thesis 2013. Aarhus University.


  • Carsten Lange Jensen. "Sensory Deprivation as a Game Mechanic in Augmented Reality Games". Masters Thesis 2012. Aarhus University.


  • Claus Jensen. " Modular Based Fluid Solver Framework Using OpenCL". Masters Thesis 2010. Aarhus University.


  • Mads Østerby Jespersen. Methods for Preserving Digital Heritage from Legacy Platforms - a Case Study on Preservation of Commodore 64 Material. Masters Thesis 2009. Aarhus University.


  • Søren Kanstrup. "GEO-tagged RDF-profiles to support Communities of Practices for NGOs". Masters Thesis 2008. Aarhus University.


  • Søren Boll Overgaard. Fusion F: Et system til datafusion i forbindelse med multinomial interaktion. Masters Thesis 2007. Aarhus University.
  • Karen Johanne Kortbek. "The Body as Interaction Device", Multimedia, (joint supervision with Lone Koefoed Hansen). Masters Thesis 2007. Aarhus University.


  • Henrik Hedegaard Møller, Multimedia, (2006): "Augmented Reality Læringsmaterialer i Medicinsk Uddannelse - en undersøgelse af potentialerne for interaktiv ekg-tydning"
  • Christian Dindler og Peter Nørregaard (2006): "Interactive Experiences Environments" Multimedia (joint supervision with Martin Johansson, IMV)
  • Claus Kirkegaard Clausen (2006): " MyOwnTV - A theoretic and practical study of a software infrastructure to an electronic program guide for TV shows on the Internet", Teknisk IT.


  • Henning Jehøj (2005): Awareness for collaborative web authoring - An event-notification mechanism for WebDAV
  • Sidsel Bech-Petersen & Anne Rohde (2005): "Aesthetics as a New Dimension in Design of Information Technology - 15 Patterns for Designing Interactive Installations in Public Spaces" (In Danish)
  • Thomas Lindgaard (2005): Geo-Spatial Indexing of Web Pages


  • Troels Lange Andersen & Bjørn W. Nielsen, IT-Vest Multimedier (2004): En undersøgelse af Augmented Reality spil.


  • Thomas Kejser (2003): "Version management for Web-based open hypermedia"


  • Michael Bang Nielsen & Anders Brodersen (2002): "Image-based rendering under uncontrolled illumination". Winner of the Danish Association for Computer Science's best thesis award 2002.
  • Astrid Søndergård, Multimedier (2002): "Rapsodiske organisationer - en udfordring til CSCW og pervasive computing".
  • Peter Posselt Vestergaard (2002): "Geospatial Hypermedia - utilizing geographical positions in Web browsing and search" .


  • Christian Yndigegn (2001): "An Open Hypermedia Approach to The Semantic Web"



  • Mikkel Verner Nielsen (1999): "Mod en teknik til lagbaseret udforskning af søgesvar i digitale biblioteker."



  • Anders Thorbjørn Jensen & Jesper Jühne (1997): "Udvikling af en stimekanisme til WWW."
  • Marianne Graves Pedersen (1997): "Towards Usability Evaluation of Multimedia Applications - Experiences from an Empirical Study of Current Evaluation Methods."
  • Søren Bak Larsen (1997): "Hypermedia Agents - Towards a protocol for mediating contents and structure search in open hypermedia systems."
  • Peter Rene Schmidt Høggaard & Jesper Jensen (1996, co-advisor Kurt Jensen): "Anvendelse af Farvede Petri Net i en objekt-orienteret metode."


  • Klaus Seidenfaden (1996): "On the Design of Browsing and Orientation Support for Dexter-based Hypermedia."


  • Jakob Mathiasen, Heine Alsaker & Lars Jakobsen (1995): "Udvikling af hypermediastøtte for digitaliseret video."
  • Helle Krogh Kristensen (1995): "Edb i undervisningen - et anvendelsesorienteret og undervisningsteoretisk perspektiv."


  • Jacob Steen Due & Steen Basse Jensen (1993): "Hypermedia baseret støtte til udvikling og brug af dokumentation i systemudvikling."
  • Birthe Hust & Folmer Sørensen (1993): "Tailorability i Teori og Praxis - en teoretisk redegørelse for begrebet og en empirisk undersøgelse af et tailorable edb-system."


  • Carsten H. Christensen, John Lindgreen, & Michael Snebang (1990, joint supervision with Morten Kyng): "Tilpasning - ændring af åbne edb-systemer i brugssituationen."